I’m interested in work that is immersive, interactive and sculptural; work that is visceral to those who create it and those who experience it. Work that leans towards breaking traditional ways of presenting excites me– it allows for this rebirth of naivety and an exploration of the unknown through the ways in which we create. 
My work is motivated by my love of light, and its counterpart, darkness, the expressions of self and form through the process of design, and the freedom of play. I wish to continuously create work surrounding experiential design, where the artists and designers leave a body of work and where the audience greets it; that space in between the two is the collective experience and that is what I seek to explore.
Itohan Edoloyi is a Brooklyn-born freelance artist/designer whose work is deeply rooted in community and culture. Her work aims to continue storytelling in non-traditional ways, crafting meaningful experiences through the lens of light and immersion. She has worked as a lighting designer on multiple shows in Europe and North America, varying from experimental theater to events as well as tours, Off-Broadway and Broadway shows. 
Itohan is the lead curator for InLight Collective, an ongoing project surrounding the amplification of BIPOC voices. 
She has collaborated with artists like Kaneza Schaal, Emily Johnson, Yarn/Wire, Edo Tastic and is the resident lighting designer for Kyle Marshall Choreography company in addition to the annual Open Call Series at The Shed. 
Her work as a curator and light artist has been published by Rosco Spectrum and presented at JACK Arts, LaMaMa Galleria and Brooklyn Arts Terminal. 
Itohan is the recipient of the 2021 Daryl Roth Creative Spirit Award through the Lilly Awards and was the recipient of the 2018 Gilbert V. Hemsley Lighting Internship; she holds an MFA from Brooklyn College.
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