The Dark Girl Chronicles is a ritual-play cycle designed to crystallize in the collective memory the stories of Black women warriors against state violence. Part Yoruba sacred story, part communal ritual, and part documentary-manifesto, each piece in the cycle focuses on the interiority and necessary dignity of dark girls, dark landscapes, and dark knowledges so often excised from the public arena.
Created, Written & Co-Directed by Nia O. Witherspoon
Co-Directed by Mei Ann Teo 
Composed by Troy Anthony
Choreography by Chanon Judson 
Music Director 
· Nehemiah Luckett
Produced by Leah Abrams
XR Producer
· Brandon Powers
AR Consultant 
· Tuck Silver
Stage Managed by Caren Celine Morris
Production Design by Tuce Yasak
Co-Scenic Design by You-Shin Chen
Projection Design by Hao Bai 
Sound Design/Beatmaker by Epic B
Costume Design by Dominique Fawn Hill
Sound Engineer 
· Gabby Henderson
Props Fabrication by Jess Adams
Technical Director
· Miguel Valderrama

Photography by Ahad Subzwari
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