Look Back At It—named after the artist’s call to “look at your derrière while you twerk and dance, in an embodied practice of joy and sensual liberation for all genders”—combines Afro-diasporic folklore, memoir, the stories of Black queer survivors, and rituals of grief and celebration to not only imagine what survival looks like but what it would mean for Black folks to thrive. Performed in collaboration with three artist-healers, the show weaves together autobiography, poetic theater, interactive healing moments, and magical realism constructed through face and body paint. Inviting reflection and collaboration, it honors Black survivors and ancestors and asks its audiences to look back at the stories, songs, and strategies that have contributed to their survival.
Created & Performed by Emily Waters
Directed by Shenny de Los Angeles
Sound Design by DJ Potts

Photography by Ahad Subzwari
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