Vibrant Strata is an experimental music performance exploring the nature of our world as a constant flux of vibrant energy. Merche Blasco amplifies the vibrations of animate and inanimate life to reveal the swirl of forces that bind us inextricably to each other and to our environment.​​​​​​​
Act 1
Popebama (Erin Rogers & Dennis Sullivan) … Electric guitar + electric toothbrushes
Anaïs Maviel … Antenna, piezoelectric collar, voice
Jean Carla Rodea … Antenna, piezoelectric collar, voice

Act 2
Shelley Hirsch … Voice
Dafna Naphtali … Voice, electronics
Anaïs Maviel … Percussion
Dennis Sullivan … Percussion
Merche Blasco … Anette
Act 3
Miriam Parker … Movement, Wearable Instruments, and Co-creator of Act 3
threeASFOUR… Costume design for Act3
Yuri Tachi (@yuritachi)… Makeup
Production Photos by Ahad Subzwari, Michael Sugarman & Yi-Wen Lai-Tremewan
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